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Blog Data Science Introduction

Data Science Introduction

What is Data Science?

Data Science, a powerful conceptual study (collection of concepts) that has been prioritized as a job with better pay than other domains. Actually, it’s an interesting concept that is a combination of automation, intuition and validity. Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific approach to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Data insights are nothing but a detailed statistical report of the given data. These insights are useful to arrive at a conclusion/decision and to derive results out of it. Learn data science from Best Data Science Course In Chennai.

Generally people might wonder what these insights will do or what kind of conclusion/decision can be taken from these. The answer will be “predictions”. Not only predictions but many other decisions are taken in reference with the statistically derived numbers. For example – Mean, Mode, Standard Deviation, Variance etc. Prediction here refers to any value that is predicted with the help of a given data.

Who is a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is a person whose expertise in statistics, programming and machine learning concepts will bring out innovative insights and future predictions about a data. Hence the Data Scientist must be strong in the above three domains. A proficient Data scientist only can perform the task more efficiently. If we consider an example where the Data Scientist is not so good with Statistics the he cannot understand the basic principles of machine learning and statistical decisions cannot be taken.

Absence of programming capability in a Data Scientist is like too much load for himself. This is because, in the present the data generated that need to be analysed are in terabytes and hence it cannot be even read without a programming concept. Here a fact can be brought into consideration that a system’s capabilities in terms of storage and processing is much better than humans.

The Complete Data Scientist

Hence a Data Scientist must make use of an appropriate and most efficient programming language/tool.Machine Learning expertise is a must as the whole prediction depends on it. The Data Scientist performs predictions by making use of machine learning or algorithms. Behind each and every algorithm there is huge amount of calculations involved. These are much related to statistics and their principles. Complex mathematical concepts are involved when the deep learning comes in. Deep learning is like an advanced version of machine learning. In simple words we can say that machine Learning deals with data which contain words and numbers but Deep Learning is considered for analysing and making a machine to learn from image or video or sentences/paragraph etc.

What are the concepts involved in Data Science?

When it comes to statistics, concepts like basic statistics and inferential statistics are involved while dealing with some meaningful insights from the data. For Example – Hypothesis Testing is done on any sample dataset to infer the result of the hypothesis i.e. the assumptions made were valid or not. Programming adds energy to the whole concept. It is the easiest way to execute any of the operations in Data Science since they deal with a large amount of data and numerous calculations.

Programming Language in Data Science

Programming helps a Data Scientist to perform tasks more efficiently in shorter time. Currently Python and R are the most used programming languages used to apply Data Science concepts. Other languages include SAS, Tableau/PowerBI (Reporting Tools or BI Tools). A Data Scientist job is to not only analyse the data but also collect, clean, analyse and finally create a report for the given data.

Machine Learning in Data Science

It is like the heart of Data Science. Machine Learning is nothing but a concept that uses multiple algorithms to make a machine (computer system) learn a concept or a pattern and apply it to get useful insights and predictions. Machine Learning Algorithms are broadly classified into three major categories. They are Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

Supervised Learning

In supervised learning, the machine learns under the supervision of data expert i.e. the exact knowledge from the labelled data provided, that the machine should learn is provided by a person (Data Engineer or Data Expert). Example for supervised learning might be Regression, Decision Trees, KNN, Random Forest, and Logistic Regression.

Unsupervised Learning

It is a method of training the machine with unlabelled and unclassified data without any guidance. There will be no proper structure or format for the data provided. The machine itself has to pick some information from the data provided and learn from it. In Reinforcement learning the machine is trained in such a way that it can make specific decision. In this technique, the machine is exposed to an environment where it learns by itself using the trial & error strategy. It also makes use of past experiences and make decisions based on it according to the business requirements.

Applications of Data Science in current day scenario.

Currently Data Science is emerging into almost all the industries. They are used in Finance industry, Health industry, Internet/Web Search, Recommendation System, Speech Recognition, Airline Route planning etc.

Finance Industry

The data science was early applied in Finance industry. The finance industry, on everyday basis deals with greater risks. A large amount of data is collected from the customer/client while sanctioning loan or creating a bank account. A huge loss was found and then the role of Data Scientist was brought into picture. A Data Scientist’s job in this sector will be to predict the loan defaulters and predict how much loan amount can be sanctioned for an individual or organisation.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare sector have found some great benefits of Data Science that can help them to achieve a target. Medical image analysis, research in Genetics and Genomics, Drug Development, Virtual Assistance for patients and customer support are few things that a Data Scientist can do in the healthcare industry.

Internet/Web Search

When both Internet Search and Analysis are combined and considered, the first thing that comes into our mind is Search engine. Yes it is true that behind every search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. a Data Science algorithm will exist that will be performing the operation requested by the user.

Recommendation Systems

Ever wondered why the product you searched in any E-commerce website appear while scrolling the news feeds of any social media app like Facebook, Twitter etc. ? It is because a Data Science algorithm will be running in the back end that will monitor all the products visited and it will display the same product as a suggestion/recommendation while using Facebook or YouTube etc.

Speech Recognition

To make it simple to understand what this is about, the best examples would be Google voice, Siri, Cortana etc. These are the most familiar voice assistants used worldwide. All these voice assistants run on Data Science algorithm. In a situation where we can’t type, we can simply speak so that the Speech Recognition engine in that application recognize the words and process it according to the needs. The needs might be convert speech to text, gather information by having a conversation with the voice assistant.

Airline Route planning

Airline Industry started using Data Science after bearing a huge loss as they are struggling to maintain their occupancy ratio and operating profits. Hence they needed Data Science to know the improvements that has to be made. Now using Data Science, Airlines Company can predict flight delay, decide which class of aeroplanes to buy, decide the halt stops in between and effectively drive customer loyalty programs.

Data Science Course In Chennai

The Data Science has already been emerged into most of the industries. If a person is confused about choosing a course and Data Science is in the bucket list then it will be beneficial if the person chooses Data Science and not the other courses.

In this course Data science concepts along with statistics and programming language like R, Python and SAS are taught and also the Machine Learning algorithms are explained in detail. Hence Data Science can be said to be the best course in Chennai. The syllabus here is so vast that almost all the concepts are taught and that is one of the reason it is said as best Data Science course In Chennai.