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Livewire provides the Best Django Course in Chennai. With Django, you can take web applications from concept to launch in a matter of hours. It's a free and open-source framework that's designed on top of python and support data- driven architecture. The course is about creating a brand-new Django project, defining a data model and fields, querying the database, and using Django's built-in URL Handles, views, and templates to structure the rest of the backend. Plus, learn how to incorporate CSS and Jinja to enhance the style and usability of your Django templates.


  • Create their own Django app
  • Create web applications on a highly powerful infrastructure
  • Create a responsive site through bootstrap
  • Setup application and models in Django
  • Create custom URLs and Views
  • Leverage the use of Templates
  • Add Static Files (CSS /JS)
  • Understating Django forms
  • CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) on admin console
  • Create Custom user Model for Register / Signup & Login
  • Implementation details of classy views of python file
  • Sending email via Django & Password recovery via email
  • Understanding available settings in Django
  • Pushing your code into GIT bash
  • Development on Heroku


Duration: 56 hours