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Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux


The Linux training gives the developers an in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel architecture and reveals critical points of adapting the Linux kernel to an embedded application in a timely manner. Our 'Linux device driver' training teaches the developers about the various drivers from the best training Institute available on the Linux and provides essential skills to rapidly and effectively create device drivers for Linux systems. The use of 'Raspberry Pi' ensures to have an in-depth knowledge of interfacing with the real world examples. That’s the reason one should learn from best training institutes.

Embedded System Courses In Chennai


  • Overview for embedded Linux
  • Architecture of Linux and its kernel
  • File systems in Linux
  • Linux shell scripting
  • Memory management
  • Linux system programming
  • Inter process Communication techniques
  • Process synchronisation with semaphore and Mutex
  • Importance of signals, interrupts and exceptions
  • System calls and socket programming
  • Kernel Module programming
  • Implementation of character device driver
  • Board bring up with Raspberry Pi
  • Introduction to internet of Things (IoT)
  • Examples on loT

embedded linux

Duration: 64 hours

Embedded System Courses In Chennai

All the Electronic Device we ever use in our daily life uses these embedded systems in them. The technical name of these controlling parts is called “Microcontrollers” There are many types of Microcontrollers in the Electrical and Electronics Industry. In Embedded System Courses in Chennai, that we exclusively take in LIVEWIRE, Vadapalani will comprise all basics of these Microcontrollers.

We clearly understand that to have a stable career in the Electrical And Electronics Industry, doing an Embedded System Courses in Chennai becomes essential. And this basics of Microcontroller, the foundation of the basic control unit in any device has to be learned from the best Embedded System courses in Chennai region. And Livewire, Vadapalani would be one of the top-performing Best Training Institute in Chennai region.

Important microcontroller chips for embedded systems are 8051 and 8051Mx, 68HC11xx, HC12xx, PIC16F84 for 16C76 16F876 and PIC18, microcontroller enhancements of ARM9/ARM7 from ARM, Intel, Philips, Samsung and ST microelectronics. Livewire covers all these in our uniquely designed course material.

Why you should learn Microcontroller

Application microcontroller in day to day life

Audio and video player devices, Alarm clock, Temperature sensing devices, Washing machine, Digital still camera, Fire detection and safety devices, Light sensing and control devices.

Applications of microcontroller in industrial control device

Process control devices, Office automation, Industrial instrumentation devices.

Measurement and metering devices

Ammeter, Voltmeter, Handheld metering systems.

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