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MATLAB for Electrical

MATLAB for Electrical


This course gives guidance on key features of widely used toolboxes in Simulink , Stateflow, control system and Simscape. The course focuses on how to implement complex decision flows and finite-state machines using Stateflow and provides a general understanding of how accelerate the design process for closed-loop control systems using MATLAB. It also offers the good understanding of modeling and analyzing electrical systems.

matlab electrical


  • MATLAB built-in functions
  • 2D and 3D plots
  • Simulink modelling 
  • Masks and Subsystems
  • Lookup table editor and breakpoints
  • Stateflow modelling
  • Hierarchical state machines
  • Parallel state machines
  • Events in state machines
  • Functions in state machines
  • Truth tables and state transition tables 
  • Control system stability analysis
  • Controller implementation-P, P1, PID
  • Frequency response estimation
  • Simscape modelling
  • Selecting solver methods 
  • Connecting physical signals and Simulink signals.

Duration: 40 hours

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