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Blog Network Security Basics

Network Security Basics

What is Network security?

In today's generation a small bit of data is more valuable to cherish. Proctecting that data over a network through some practices and policies to prevent the access of the unauthorized user. Network security is designed to provide intergity, confedentiality,and a good access control. It is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect networks and data using hardware and software technologies.

Every organisation, regardless of domain, requires a degree of network security in place to preserve it from ever-growinglandscape of cyber threaths today. It is a specialized field within computer networking. Learn Network Security from Best Network Security Course In Chennai.

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Why is Network Secuirty important?

Network security is vital because we live in a digital-first world, more and more people expect everyday services, transactions and information to be readily available at their fingertips. If a business can’t keep pace with these expectations, consumers will find one that will. The important factor is not only to protect against torment, but also to educate users of potential threats and resolve issues.

Why you must learn Network Security?

Network security plays a key role in home networks as well as in the business world. More and more systems are becoming network based. From hospital apparatus to traffic light. A hacker has numerous capacities to program, apply different algorithms, search for mistake, comprehension of systems and various conventions. So a programmer can be accomodated in pretty much every field of the Information Technology division in view of the wide grounds of information they have.

Can Network Administrators move to the advance level?

Network administrators has the access only for the design and the configuration of the networks. Where as, the Information Security, can know the protocols of the networks much in advance and can secure it. A firewall is a system security gadget which is hardware, software and web based that monitors incoming and active system traffic and allows or squares information parcels dependent on a lot of security rules. Its incentive is to set up an obstruction between your inward system and approaching traffic from outside sources, so as to square malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.

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Tools used:

N-map :
N-map is a open source remote attacking or network scanning tool which is used for network scanning and port scaning giving security to people for network discovery, administration and security auditing. The Nmap Scripting Engine comes with 171 new scripts and 20 libraries. this is used for all levels of security and networking professionals.s Nmap has a Faster Network Scanning

Meta sploit farmeworks - attacker tool, permission to remotely access to any system
nessus- vulnerability scanning tool, remote tool,
splunk- log file analysis


Wire shark - tracing the path of the packets ip - packets sniffing

Network Courses in Chennai

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