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Network Simulator 2 ( NS2 )

Network Simulator 2 ( NS2 )


In this World, each and every node is interconnected to have good communication, In
Telecommunication, simulation and research is a technique where a program models the behavior of a network using Protocols and Routing Over wired and wireless networks. NS2 is a tool for exploring the new protocols & their behavior and also been used as a verification tool for proposed analytical models.

network simulator


  • Introduction to Basic Networks and Network Simulation
  • Introduction to Tcl Script
  • Program to create nodes and links in Tcl Script
  • TCP and UDP implementation in Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Program to analyze a trace file and Plotting with Gnuplot, Xgraph
  • Dynamic Node Creation
  • Introduction to Unicast and Multicast Routing
  • Simulation using RED


Duration: 40 hours

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