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Livewire provides the Best PLC Courses in Chennai. Automation of many different processes, such as controlling machines or factory assembly lines, is done through the use of small computers called as programmable logic controller (PLC). Such program has to be learnt from the Best Training Institute. This is actually a control device that consists of a programmable microprocessor, and is programmed using a specialized computer language. Today, programmable logic controllers deliver a wide range of functionality, including basic relay control, motion control, process control, and complex networking, as well as being used in supervisory control and data Acquisition systems and distributed control systems. SCADA traditionally meant to monitor, control and gather the data from device in the field.

PLC Courses In Chennai


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of PLC hardware
  • Background to SCADA
  • Architecture of PLC & SCADA
  • SCADA system Configuration
  • Fundamentals of PLC software
  • Usage of Analog and digital functions
  • Using registers
  • SCADA system software
  • Designing the process
  • Interfacing with PLC & other device
  • Data allocation in PLC
  • Relay wiring
  • Input & output wiring in PLC
  • Overall panel wiring using PLC
  • Usage of instructions like Timer, Counter, Jump, Subroutine, Math, Comparator,
  • Applications in SCADA
  • Data Acquisition concepts in SCADA
  • Monitoring & controlling the field process using SCADA
  • Alarm & recipe management in SCADA
  • PID
  • Industrial automation project using PLC & SCADA

Plc & scada

Duration: 64 hours